Can neuropathy disappear in the legs?

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may decrease or disappear over time, but in some cases they never go away. Peripheral nerves have a great healing capacity. Although it may take months, a recovery can occur. However, in some situations, the symptoms of neuropathy may decrease but not go away completely.

For example, nerve damage caused by radiation often does not recover well. Neuropathy caused by chemotherapy is also difficult to cure, and recovery can take from 18 months to 5 years or more. During recovery from platinum-induced neuropathy, patients may suffer from increased symptoms. People with peripheral neuropathy usually describe pain as throbbing, burning, or tingling.

In many cases, symptoms improve, especially if they are caused by a treatable condition. Medicines can reduce the pain of peripheral neuropathy. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice unusual tingling, weakness, or pain in your hands or feet. Early diagnosis and treatment offers the best opportunity to control symptoms and prevent further damage to the peripheral nerves.

Once symptoms begin, they usually get worse and then gradually improve over a period of months or years. In many cases, the symptoms do not go away completely. Neuropathy usually progresses slowly, over years or even decades. However, slowly but surely, as nerves become increasingly damaged, symptoms get worse.

Intermittent tingling and burning sensations eventually evolve into constant, significant pain.

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